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Your next adventure is just around the corner, whether it is sea kayaking the fjords, hiking towering sea cliffs, or exploring snow covered landscapes on one of our ski or snowshoe tours.

On these Norway adventure tours you are joined by our experienced guides to take you on your ultimate Norway adventure.

Hiking Tours

Photo: Martin Hogeboom

Kayaking Tours

Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik

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All Small Group Tours

We take pride in all our different small group tours and activities. All our tours are designed to combine stunning nature, adventure, and in-depth experience. We offer tours of only a few hours all the way to week long adventure activities.

Not every hike or trip is suitable for all ages and fitness levels, but we strive to accommodate everyone. We have tours that require little to no skill at all, up to where you will need a high fitness level. Additionally, our group tours are also available as private tours on request, which can also be made into a tailor made vacation. This way we can tailor them specifically to your level.

Each of our tours is led by one of our experienced guides, specialized in one or more areas. They have a passion for the outdoors and will be happy to tell you interesting facts about the area you are hiking/kayaking/skiing in. Furthermore, all our tours have groups with fewer than 10 people, keeping it personal and fun, as opposed to large groups.

Due to required fitness level and a certain amount of determination, most of our multiple day tours are not open to minors. In some cases, exceptions can be made and arranged, so feel free to contact us.

We hope to see you soon on one of our adventure group tours Norway !