Travel and Transport 

Here you can find information and tips about how to travel in and to Norway. This information will help you to make your Norway Adventure easier and a better experience.

Travel & Transport
Travel to Norway
By Car

From mainland Europe you can take your car on the ferry of Colorline or Fjordline from Germany or Denmark.
Or you can drive all the way by bridge via Denmark and Sweden.

Check out our blog post about driving in Norway for tips and tricks that you might not have thoguht of.

By Plane

Note that Norwegian air often has very good prices for both international and domestic flights. New in summer 2017: direct route from New York and Boston to Bergen.
Also SAS-Scandinavian Airlines has several flights to and in Norway
For getting to the Geiranger region we advice you to fly to Ålesund. KLM has a direct flight from Amsterdam to Ålesund (Vigra)
You can also try to find good deals for flights on for example Skyscanner, Kayak, or Google flights

Travel in Norway
By Car

Be aware of the fact that driving in Norway takes a lot more time than you are used to. This is because of curvy roads (max. speed 60 – 80 kph or 35 – 55 mph) and fjord crossings by ferry. This means you have to take your time for the transportation laps.

We would advice you to buy a roadmap (can be bought at petrol station), which makes it easier to navigate (the road signs are not always so clear, and GPS does not always work.

Be aware that the fines for driving too fast are enormous, so watch your speed.

While driving in the mountains, always have water with you and some snacks.

Remember it might be far to the next petrol station.

For more tips and tricks, check out our blog post about driving in Norway.

Train and bus
If you want to make use of the Norwegian public transport system, you can find connections suitable for you on, where you can buy train and bus tickets.

We have partnerships with several of these companies can therefor offer you better prices, additionally we will be able to find the best connections for you.

Ferries and cruises
Cruise liners taking you to Norway, ferries taking you across fjords, and cruise ships taking you along the coast, travel by ship is part of daily life in Norway. 

If you have to cross a fjord on a travel day, take into account that you have to wait for  the ferry, and always check if the service is running in case of bad weather.

We have partnerships with several of the biggest ferry and cruise companies in Norway

Public transport

For an overview of all public transportation, you can use en-tur to find the best route.

Note that many schedules are not known until 90 days before travel date. A note from us: the website is not 100% waterproof, some schedules are somehow not shown here, but if your schedule is shown there you are good to go.