Kayaking in Norway

We can promise you that kayaking in the Fjords of Norway cannot be compared to other places you’ve kayaked.

In Norway, we have a saying:
‘There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing’. Here you will read what to do. 

Kayaking in Norway is unlike kayaking in any other country in the world. The fjord landscape offers nature that cannot be found anywhere else. Sea kayaking is very different from river kayaking, and kayaking in the fjords is even more exhilarating. You get to experience the enormity of this Scandinavian landscape from the tranquil position of a sea kayak.

While kayaking in all kinds of weather conditions can be tough, the views are certainly worth it. Our group kayaking tours have different levels of difficulty and duration, but all take you to beautiful sites, away from tourist crowds and off the beaten track. Our experience in living in Norway and going out into the outdoors have helped us locate several unique and less known fjords, giving you a true Norway kayaking experience. Our experience guides will be happy to tell you about the area you are visiting.

Not every tour is suitable for all ages and all fitness level, but we strive to accommodate everyone. We have tours that require little to no skill at all, all the way to group tours where you will need a high fitness level. Additionally, our group tours are also available as private tours on request. This way we can tailor the tours specifically to your level.

We offer wilderness activities this means that all activities are due to (last minute) changes due to weather or other circumstances. It is always the guide who has the final decision. This is to secure the safety and well being of all customers.