FAQ 6 days fjord kayaking trip Norway

We are looking forward to helping you out. However, before reaching out to us, please check the list of general information and frequently asked questions below.

For whom is this trip?
Am I able to do this trip?

This tour is set up like an expedition, where everyone will work together to accomplish goals.

You have to be able to paddle in calm and windy circumstances at a normal pace.

Everybody needs to be able to swim, and to be strong enough to lift a fully packed kayak in and out of the water, in rocky and slippery landing conditions.

Our experience is that this trip is not suited for those who have back-/hip-/pelvis problems or have had these in the past.

Do I need kayak experience?
This is a multi-day trip with some longer days and shorter days of kayaking. Depending on the circumstances you will be paddling up to 6-7 hours on the longer days and with headwinds, this asks for sporty arms and a sporty mind.

You do not need much experience since it is not a technically difficult trip but you should be sure you can sit in a kayak for quite a few hours six consecutive days.

Where and when
Where and when does the trip start?

Start time is 10.00 am

Meetingpoint is close to Ålesund city center: at the parking by the entrance of Volsdalen camping. Take a taxi to get there (Ålesund Taxi telephone number +47 70 10 30 00). If you do not find the spot: call our office at (+47) 57 62 41 70, or the guide.

Where and when is the finish point?
The trip finishes in Geiranger village (waterfront just outside Geiranger). Time always depends on weather conditions and group, but you’ll be there approx. at 3.00 pm.
How do I get back to Ålesund

The most convenient way to get back from Geiranger to Ålesund is to take the boat with departure at 5:30pm (17:30). It is advisable to book your spots in advanced. More information can be found here.

It is also possible to travel by bus but that is more hassle. Check the timetable of the busses on Fram (timetables are normally not available until 2-3 months before the start of the summer).

New in 2019: There is a boat from Geiranger to Ålesund, daily departure at 4pm (16.00). It is advisable to book your spots in advanced. More information can be found here.

Check the timetable of the busses on Framm (timetables are normally not available until 2-3 months before the start of the summer).

Information on how to get back to Oslo after the end of the trip, you will find below on this page. Under the section: ‘After the trip’.

Practical information about the trip
What do I pack for the trip?

Take a look at our packing list for multi-day kayaking trips, you will find many useful tips there and you are welcome to download and print this list.

we recommend to bring a backpack with at least 40 liters capacity. You will need the backpack to bring your camping gear from the kayak to the camping spot.

All kayaking and camping gear is provided by us, except a sleeping bag. You should bring your own sleeping bag. Preferably a 3-seasons (we bring a matrass/pad for you).

It is possible to rent a sleeping bag from us. The price is 550 NOK for 6 days (full trip), can be booked as an add on when booking online. We do advice you to bring your own travel sheet/liner to put inside the sleeping bag.

Do you have single or double kayaks?
We operate with double and single kayaks and everybody can tell us their preferences upon booking. Having said this: we NEVER guarantee the use of single or double kayaks. This is simply because we want to be free to have a group that paddles in an equal pace, using equal effort. This means that the guide will allways have the last word in who is paddling which kayak.
What changes can be made by the guide?
Due to much headwind or other weather-/group circumstances the guide might decide to adjust the itinerary in order to get to Geiranger in six days. This might mean minor changes like choosing a different day distance or other camp site. In more severe situations it has happened (twice in 14 years) that we skipped a dayleg and transported everybody by buss/car/trailer to the next spot to start next day. In case of heavy rainfall we might choose to use one or two nights in a cabin instead.
Is it possible to collect drinking water during the trip?
Yes, it’s possible. On the way and at the camping spots we will have many waterfalls and small streams with good drinking water. So just bring your drinking bottle and you can refill it.
Where to place my luggage during the trip?
Most of the luggage you will need during the trip, so it will be packed in the kayak. It is best to bring a ruck sack because you sometimes hike up to the camp.
Can I leave any items at the start of the trip and collect them when we reach Geiranger?
Besides that, you can leave some belongings in our car in Ålesund. It is at your own risk but this has always gone well. This car will be driven to Geiranger, and will be there at the end of the trip, so you can pick up your stuff there.
How big is the group?
Group size always varies. Maximum group size is 8 persons.
Usually we have 1-2 guides and from 4 to 8 guests.
What is the minimum age for this trip?
The minimum age for joining this expedition is 18 years, as we want everyone to be self reliable. Feel free to contact us if you want to have a multi day kayak tour with your family, we can make a private tailor made tour offer for you
What meals are included in the price?

All meals are included, starting with lunch on day 1 and ending with lunch on day 6.

Do we go to any shops during the trip?

On day 3, you have the possibility to buy some snacks and soft drinks if you want.

Can I bring/buy alcohol on the trip?

Alcohol is not included in the trip, so you could bring it yourself. Keep in mind that buying alcohol in Norway can be very expensive, and the stores have limited hours during which you can buy alcohol. We recommend buying alcohol in the Tax Free zone at the airport upon your arrival in Norway.

What do I do if I have specific dietary needs?

We can adjust our menu to your diet, but only if you inform us about this upon booking (we have to plan the menu before the trip starts).

How to get to Ålesund and where to stay?
How do I get to Ålesund?

You can book a flight from Oslo or Bergen to Ålesund. Check SAS and Norwegian Airlines. Flight takes approx. one hour. There are also international flights directly from Amsterdam (KLM) to Ålesund. We recommend you take a flight on the day before the start of the trip. The name of the airport is: Ålesund Airport Vigra.

The other option is to take a bus from Oslo to Ålesund: please check Nettbuss. It takes approx. 11,5 hours. You can book tickets online or buy directly in a bus (more expensive).

How do I get from the airport to Ålesund city center?

From Ålesund airport Vigra you can take the airport shuttle bus to Ålesund city center (appr. 25 minutes). The bus stops right outside the airport terminal and leaves in appropriate time after each flight arrival. Check FRAM to find needed bus. Buy tickets in the bus.

Where can I stay in Ålesund?

There are numerous hotels in Ålesund where you can spend the night before departing to Urke. You can check Booking.com or other websites to find a hotel that suits your needs. Or, if you combine this 2 day trip with a tailor made trip from us, we will arrange the accommodation for you.

After the trip
How do I get from Geiranger to Ålesund after the trip?

Check the suggestions higher up on this page under ‘where is the finish point’.

How do I get from Geiranger to Oslo after the trip?

First, you should take a ferry to Hellesylt. Please check Visitflåm for prices and information regarding the ferry. You can book tickets directly at the website.

Next step is a bus from Hellesylt to Stryn. Check FRAM. Buy tickets in the bus.

From Stryn there is an express Nettbuss to Oslo city center with a stop at Oslo Airport Gardemoen. You can book tickets online or buy directly in a bus (more expensive).


  • If you need an overnight stay in Hellesylt check this hostel.
  • Stryn is a popular touristic place and there are several bars and restaurants, so you can have a good dinner there before the express bus to Oslo.