2 day hidden fjord kayak adventure

Away from cruiseships and tourists we found this hidden gem for you where you can enjoy spectacular fjord scenery and pristine nature in tranquillity.


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from 2950 Nok, p.p
12+ years
2 days
Easy - moderate
Max. 8 people
May - september

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Wilderness overnight

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Hidden fjord 2 day kayak trip highlights

Get the chance to paddle the fjords and spend the night in the Norwegian wilderness on this Hidden fjord kayak adventure. This place is truly a hidden gem, away from the tourist crowds. Experience the tranquility of paddling past high mountains and roadless villages.

Spend the night in a tiny farm village, or go wilderness camping in an even more remote area. Either way you will get to experience Norwegian culture and heritage on century-old farms, and the humbling enormity of the fjord landscape.



The price for this trip depends on whether you join the trip with accommodation or with wilderness camping.

Accommodation: the price for 1 adult is 3350 NOK
the price for 1 child (12-15 years) is 2150 NOK

Wilderness camping: the price for 1 person is 2950 NOK
the price for 1 child (12-15 years) is 1750 NOK

For campers, if you want to rent a sleeping bag (3 seasons), it is 250 nok per person. It can be booked as an add-on when using the ‘book now button’. We do advise you to bring your own travel sheet/liner to put inside the sleeping bag. If you choose the trip including accommodation, you do not need a sleeping bag.

Included & excluded

  • All meals, starting with lunch on day one and ending with lunch on day two
  • The services of an experienced Norway Adventures guide throughout the trip
  • Basic paddle and safety instructions before starting your trip
  • One night accommodation in a small village
  • Or one night wild camping and the use of all camping gear (except sleeping bag)
  • All kayak equipment (single or double kayaks, paddles, paddle vest, 20L dry bag


  • Sleeping bag (3 seasons) rental, 250 NOK per person. It can be booked as an add-on when using the ‘book now button’. We do advise you to bring your own travel sheet/liner to put inside the sleeping bag.
  • Any kayak specific clothing such as dry suit, kayaking pants, etc
  • Travel insurance
  • Costs occurring in case of dramatic changes of the trip and/or in case of extremely bad weather (eg staying at a camping place or cabin, bus transportation if we have to skip a leg and start from another point the next day)
Dates & location

In the summer of 2020, the 2 day hidden fjord kayak tour takes place on the following dates:

  • July 18-19 (guaranteed departure)
  • August 6-7 (guaranteed departure)
  • September 8-9

Whomever books first, gets to choose whether the trip will be with accommodation or wilderness camping.

If you would like to request another date, please feel free to contact us

  • Start: day 1, 11.00 at the Urke Kaihus in the village of Urke.
  • Finish: day 2, 16.00 at Urke Kaihus
  • These times correspond with the boat from and to Ålesund.

What to bring
There are a couple of things you really don’t want to forget to bring on this Hidden fjord kayaking trip

  • Sleeping bag, if you go wilderness camping and do not want to rent a sleeping bag

We made a detailed packing list for this multi day kayaking trip.

For our Frequently Asked Question page about this tour, click here. If you did not find your answer, do not hesitate to contact us

Day to Day


Hidden fjord kayaking day 1

Day 1: 

You meet your guide and the rest of the group in Urke at the waterfront café Urke Kaihus. Get to know each other and the gear as we go through paddling and tour routine. We show you how to pack your gear in the kayak and after a short safety and paddling instruction we leave. First, we are on the Norangsfjord which we soon leave for the Hjørundfjord. Depending on the wind forecast for the next days we choose to paddle either left or right. To try to avoid paddling with headwinds (at least for 2 days). After a while we find a spot to land along the fjord, where we will enjoy our lunch. It can be a fjord side farm or a tiny island in the fjord.

After paddling and enjoying the sheer size of the fjord and the surrounding mountains you arrive at your destination for the day. A tiny little village where you will stay for the night. In case of the wilderness camping trip you will camp on a more remote spot. After organising you prepare dinner as a group. Enjoy a long relaxing evening either by the campfire (tent) or in front of the cabin. Here you can see the light changing, but it never gets totally dark

Hidden fjord kayaking day 2

Day 2: 

After a good night sleep in these very tranquil surroundings we enjoy breakfast before we pack and paddle. You will go through the same fjord on your way back but on a different side. You will pass bydifferent views, angles, and villages. You paddle relatively close to land (not too close because of rockfall). Today you will stop at a village for lunch or at a more remote place. By the end of the afternoon you arrive back in Urke. From where you can take the boat back to Ålesund or you can continue your trip further into Norway.


Have a look at what other Norway Adventurers have to say about their experience in Norway. Go to our Review page in order to read more.

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